How does it work?

Farming in DeFi shouldn’t be agonizing. It should be fun. Like playing a game! With DeFi City, there’s no more need to waste time managing many different farms across multiple platforms. Instead, login, buy a plot, build a beautiful, fully customizable NFT-based city, incorporate your farms, and farm away!

1. Obtain a city

Purchase a unique NFT-based city with DeFi City Tokens (DFC). Each city is set up in a square of 256 tiles, whereby each tile can hold a unique building representing a farm or an extra in-game item like NFT art purchased on OpenSea, statues, a treasury box representing your harvest, etc.

2. Farm

Provide liquidity, borrow, lend, stake, unstake, and harvest your farming yields across different DeFi platforms with a single click — directly from your city!

3. Track

Your city is the central hub of your farms, providing you with all the necessary information regarding your key performance yield farming indicators (KPIs) at a glance. Your city’s dashboard will showcase stats on the total tokens staked, a breakdown of farming profits across different protocols, impermanent loss calculations, airdrops, yields ready for harvest, and many more.

4. Earn

Staking your DeFi City NFT will earn you rewards in DFC tokens. This way, you’ll not only earn by farming but also receive DFC token rewards for playing the game.

Purchase Golden Scrolls To Obtain Unique Cities

Buy a Golden Scroll for DFC tokens and use it to obtain a unique city or sell it as an NFT on the open market. Each Golden Scroll will grant the player who opens it a randomly selected city with unique properties, including different cosmetics and opportunities for random token and NFT airdrops. Moreover, opening a Golden Scroll will burn part of the DFC tokens used to purchase it, thus deflating the total token supply.

Gamify your portfolio management.

  • Buy and sell DeFi City NFTs.
  • Customize your cities with different in-game cosmetics.
  • Showcase your NFT art collection throughout your city.
  • Earn rewards in DFC tokens for playing.

Playing with DeFi has never been easier and more fun.

  • One-click farm creation & management — no technical knowledge required.
  • Step-by-step farming tutorials for various DeFi protocols.
  • Inspect the leader board and copy-trade best performing player’s farming strategies.
  • Provide liquidity, stake, unstake, and harvest yields from multiple farms with a single click.

Town house

The Townhouse is the central building of your DeFi City and the primary source of your in-game revenue. The Townhouse will represent the vault where you stake your DFC tokens to earn staking rewards.


All cities are unique and scattered across different locations with beautiful environments.


Every DeFi city is located on grounds rich with gold and silver. Depending on the tier of your city, you’ll be able to mine these resources in-game and earn DFC rewards.

Our Vision

We believe that decentralized finance shouldn’t be a privilege reserved only for tech-savvy DeFi power users. Interacting with DeFi products and protocols should be intuitive and straightforward, even for people without the slightest crypto experience. For this reason, we created an NFT-based game that lowers the barriers to entry and allows everyone to learn, farm, and manage an extensive DeFi portfolio in a fun and engaging way. DeFi City’s goal is to blur the boundaries between work time and playtime by making yield farming fun and simple.

Explore a World Full of Unique DeFi Cities

Each city in DeFi City is unique, differing from others in looks, environment, special properties, and individual rarity.

DeFi City is a browser-based game allowing users to build, visualize, manage, and stay up to date with their favorite DeFi farms from a single interface in a gamified and simplified way.

NFT stands for non-fungible token. NFTs are unique tokens recorded on immutable blockchains representing some kind of digital data, including images, videos, and audio. Because they live on the blockchain, they’re easy to track, verify and authenticate. Like all other coins or tokens, they’re easily transferable and traded for other tokens on the open markets.

There are multiple benefits of having a city. First, your city will make it easier to visualize, manage your farms and track your yield farming KPIs from a single dashboard. Moreover, by owning a city, you’ll not only earn by farming but also earn DFC token rewards for playing.

Each city is set up in a square consisting of 256 tiles. Each tile can hold a farm or a DeFi City item. Suppose you’re already providing liquidity on a connected platform. In that case, you’ll be able to place the building representing your farm within the city simply by dragging and dropping it on an empty tile.

Yes, a DeFi City is an NFT on the Ethereum network (an ERC721 token), granting you total ownership of the city. Even if you’ve already placed farms in your city, you’ll be able to sell your NFT without losing your LP positions.
The DFC token is not currently on sale. Please follow our channels for the latest announcement.

Benefits of DeFi City

On top of all the fun you’ll have playing DeFi City, you’ll experience real, tangible benefits of being a city owner.


Upgrade and customize your city using exclusive items purchased from the DeFi City Store or obtained from other players. You can buy the items from the store with DFC, burning a portion of the tokens in the process.


Have all the necessary information regarding your key performance yield farming indicators at a glance. Whether you’re lending on AAVE, providing liquidity on SushiSwap or Uniswap, or staking your funds on Vesper or yEarn, your in-game dashboard and your city will neatly visualize and summarize all the necessary information you’ll ever need to make the best farming decisions.


Earn token rewards by staking your DFC tokens in your city’s Townhouse.


The DFC token has a limited supply of 10 million tokens. Opening Golden Scrolls to obtain cities, as well as purchasing in-game cosmetics from the DeFi City Store will burn a percentage of the DFC tokens used in the transactions.


Owning a city makes you automatically eligible for random NFT and token airdrops.

Cross-chain farming

Using DeFi City you’ll be able to farm and invest in protocols built on multiple chains. We are launching on Ethereum but will expand to other networks in the future.


  • Establishing the project
  • Setting up the company
  • Strategic partnerships
  • Developing the idea into a vision paper
  • Infrastructure setup
  • Product development
  • Designing the art and the overall look and feel of the game
  • Official Whitepaper release
  • Official website launch
  • Legal & Compliance
  • Partnerships
  • Web3 wallet integration
  • Golden Scrolls are released and become tradable
  • Soft and hard minting of city NFTs
  • Liquidity reward program
  • City NFTs become available
  • Token sale / Token distribution
  • Official launch of DeFi City
  • Implement statistical dashboards in-game
  • Onboarding other DeFi platforms to DeFi City
  • Connecting multiple chains to DeFi City
  • Finalizing the game loop and mechanics
  • Cosmetic items become available for purchase
  • Implementing tutorials of various DeFi protocols
  • Players can inspect other cities
  • Leaderboard of best performing cities in-game
  • Global marketplace for cities
  • In-game chat with users
  • Copy other city DeFi strategies
  • Ability to claim all farms at once
  • Integrating more customized functions
  • Improving game mechanics




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