Night city view from above
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DeFi City Scroll

Open a scroll to obtain a city

DeFi City does not support opening transactions generated from smart contracts. To avoid missing deposits or deposit delays, scroll openings should only be initiated through the supported browser wallets.

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Official contract address: 0x09890edff4b2445cb5d8121fdf2aec5003fb00c4

Balance: 0 DFC

To open DeFi City Golden Scrolls, you need to have DFC ready in your wallet.

As we provide full randomness for drawing the NFT, a small fee of 0.2 Wrapped ERC677 LINK per scroll opening is needed to call the Chainlink VRF function

Open Scroll

We implemented the notion of "soft minting" to reduce minting costs with each opened scroll: your DeFi City are not minted as BEP721 NFTs at first. Instead, their ownership is recorded on the Blockchain in a far more straightforward and cost-effective manner.

You can choose which DeFi Cities are worthy of getting minted as a BEP721 NFT on your own. When you press the "Mint NFT" button beneath a DeFi City, it will be "hard-minted," making it accessible to the whole NFT ecosystem.

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